Communication, Photography photoblogging themes reviewed

When searching for a theme for my photography blog, I tried many different themes. I will not review every photoblogging theme WordPress makes, but here are my thoughts on the ones I tried:

  • AutoFocus is only good for posts with featured images, and even then the images are cropped in ways that make them unrecognizable. No post formats, I guess. No bylines on front and results pages, either.
  • Ideation & Intent is great for photoblogs, but not much else, because who wants to have a sidebar called Photos if you don’t have a lot of photos? It does show bylines on main navigation. It has no post formats, but if all you post is photos, that’s fine. Colorful and clean with the orange and blue text on white background, and very image rich. I love it for my photoblog.
  • Mixfolio is only good if you have featured images for every post; otherwise, you get a black rectangle that says “Featured Image Missing” on each preview on front and results pages.
  • Petite Melodies only looks good if you have featured images for every post. It shows no bylines in navigation page. It has no post formats.
  • Portfolio (a Premium theme) has all kinds of customization options, bylines, and no post formats.
  • Vintage camera has no bylines and no post formats.
  • Yoko shows no bylines in front page and results pages — except for on image and video posts! — but has post formats gallery, image, video, aside, link and quotes. I’m using it for my singing and signing blog, which is mostly videos.