Paul McCartney and The Police — do you have to be old to understand? ;-)

Paul McCartney and The Police –
do you have to be old to understand? 😉

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Well, here I am in Starbucks at the age of 40, telling the 20-something cashier how excited I am that my partner and I are going to see The Police in concert next Monday night– when I find myself having to explain to the young lady who The Police were. ;-( Nevermind telling her that The Police was the band Sting was in before he went solo; that would be like telling her that Paul McCartney is the guy who used to be the lead singer of The Beatles! (Who’s Sting? Who were The Beatles? Oh dear!)

Seriously, though, once I told her that The Police brought the world such indelible hits as Roxanne, Every Breath You Take, Message in a Bottle, and Wrapped Around Your Finger, she got it. And if you have the chance to discover — or rediscover — The Police, I highly recommend it! It may be the closest you’ll ever come to a reunion of The Beatles until you go to heaven, if there is such a place. And if there is, I count on attending live concerts of The Beatles and The Police on a regular basis. 😉





5 responses to “Paul McCartney and The Police — do you have to be old to understand? ;-)”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I’m excited — and even a little bit nervous — about the concert tonight. I almost never go to concerts.


  2. Deaf258 Avatar

    Ohh, thanks for the reminder! I will need to find a way to come up with 400 dollars for 2 tickets to a music festival. The Police will be there as well as Smashing Pumpkins. The festival is at the end of July or beginning of August. The 2nd ticket will be for Neal’s 14 year old daughter who loves old school music as well as independent bands or singers.


  3. Jenna Avatar

    Kids these days have no appreciation for good music!
    ..that’s coming from a 20 year old 😉

    Have fun, by the way, and know that a girl on the east coast is mighty jealous!


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  5. drmzz Avatar

    Cool. I bought the McCartney album at Starbucks, I dig it. Saw him twice in concert in the past. Am listening to the Police songs lately, good stuff to revist. Have fun at the concert. Should be an excellent show.


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