Canadian Diamond Traders wants to silence me?

I received a phone call the other day from someone claiming to be from Canadian Diamond Traders. He said that he had sent me an e-mail demanding that I remove some objectionable content about CDT from my website. I had not received that e-mail. I gave the man another e-mail address to send his letter to, and I haven’t received it to that e-mail address either.

It’s possible that my junk mail (spam) filter blocked it, but that’s beside the point. Why would Canadian Diamond Traders want to silence a blogger? All I said in an entry I posted over a year ago was, “Is Canadian Diamond Traders a scam? I suspect so. Consider what the FBI says about pyramid schemes…” and I went on to cite an FBI article warning of common fraud schemes. I am sure that nothing I wrote or cited could be considered libelous. The only thing I can think of that they might object to is that I allowed a man named David Thornton to post a long comment after my blog post, and in it he says some very damning things about CDT. Even in what he said, however, there are links to reputable sources warning consumers of fraud schemes whose claims and procedures resemble those of CDT; in fact, a couple of them name CDT outright. (See Diamond Pyramid Scheme Warning article on the Western Australia government’s Department of Consumer and Employment Protection website and the Mail Scams article on the Parliament of New South Wales (Australia) website. Also see this warning against Pyramid Schemes from the Maryland Attorney General’s website.)

In the interest of presenting opposing views, I also allowed a woman named Mary to respond to David and tell him he was wrong. She didn’t make any persuasive arguments, though. The Google searches I’ve conducted have revealed nothing but a lot of people saying CDT is a great way to make money and a lot of people saying CDT is a scam. Almost all those in favor of CDT are CDT resellers themselves, and almost all those against are irate consumers. That, in itself, says something. But with all due respect, it has been nearly impossible to find any facts from reputable sources. A search of the NPR website brought up only one article, and it had nothing to do with exploring whether or not CDT is a scam.

It is my right as a blogger to present information for the public good. There were other vociferous people who wanted to argue the issue back and forth by posting more comments after my original blog post, but my blog is not a place for that. The arguments are already out there on the Internet. I stand by my statement that I have said nothing libelous. If Canadian Diamond Traders wishes me to remove anything from my blog, let them send me a letter, and we’ll take it from there. Until then, I believe I have every right to question their business practices and encourage people to research more and decide for themselves. I would love to see some reputable news agencies pick up the story, but until then, this humble blogger will have to do.

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36 responses to “Canadian Diamond Traders wants to silence me?”

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  2. cindy Avatar

    Hi there, well l went in CDT in 2005, at the 120. feeder and 2 days later, my system crashed, lost everything, then went through a bad few years, well l ran across info, l called CDT on 800 number and let them know who l was, told them my old address, phone number at the time, l signed up, and l have to send proof, and a few other things so l can get my site back, and find out how l am doing, but from nothing to polisher, l did NOTHING to get there. as l said l paid then gone for 6 yrs..!!! NOW CDT is not a scam, Now insurance companies, banks,investments are mostly scams. if this company was a scam MY name would have been gone, and l would not exsist in the company lost my money or not in matrixso to all you people that have nothing better to,,, please do find something to do thankyou l don't mean to be mean, but l am just trying to find something better in life, and its better then MLM and trying to convince someone to join your team, when its not a good place… l feel confident with the 2 choices l have made, Scent Sations Inc and CDT !!!! have a great day….thank you


  3. Norma Avatar

    I need to make a correction:Blue Nile is an American company.Another observation: 1 carat diamond with same criterias is about$5,000 from Blue Nile, but $11,000 from CDT. $6,000 difference! Where does all this money go? How can anyone jastify this price and sell to other fellows?One more fact: Blue Nile diamonds come with Diamond Grading Report documents, issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most respected organizations in the diamond industry. On another hand CDT is using GIA microscope 🙂 to grade diamonds.Even let's say they've graded diamond with the same precision as GIA. How they come up with a such huge difference in price?


  4. Daniel Greene Avatar

    I’m sorry, but as the owner of this blog I moderate the comment queue and there was no way for me to discern whether your previous comment, written entirely in Russian, was okay or offensive or spam. Since you can obviously write very well in English, please do so, and I will approve your comments.


  5. Pudov Dmitry (muskat245) Avatar

    I have read all the complaints and claims on the company Canadian Diamond Traders (CDT). Where are the facts, where is the evidence? Such opinions I can write 50 pieces and sent from different e-mail. But even with different IP-addresses. Nowadays it is not a problem. Canadian Diamond Traders (CDT) is engaged in this business on the Internet for more than a year. This proves that the company is not a pyramid! (CDT) do not like your materials on the site. So this is normal. What is a normal company like this-advertising? Try to write like that on the company's McDonald's or BMW. So they are on you at all in court will be served, and rightly so.


  6. parow17 Avatar

    Irene: did you just refer to CDT as the best MLM out of the lot? I thought everyone is trying so hard to prove it is not one.There is a huge difference between McD's and this thing. The 'employees' don't have to invest their savings and then work to keep it from disappearing.If this was really so easy (or do-able at least) why would anyone still do their 9 to 5?I've done a lot of research on this topic and I find it a bit cult-like! all these testimonies screaming of succes and desperately trying to keep the 'good name and reputation'?And why would so many others then warn us about it? Surely not all of them just waited for their money to vanish?where there's smoke…


  7. Paul Gielbert Avatar

    To all the people putting positive comments about this company – you are obviously employees, CDT is a scam and I know quite a few people who lost money including myself. I asked CDT to send me my diamond and the delivery cost was greater than the diamond itself – Don't go near them !!!


  8. Irene Avatar

    Irene says:January 25, 2010 at 10:03 amYes, all those companies are scams – it you treat them as one.That is if you treat them as a quick and painless way to make some BIG MONEY! If you join under the assumption that you do not have to DO anything just wait a “couple of days(maybe weeks)” and you will have made it big!It does not work like that. CDT is a legitimate business if YOU work it like ONE!Have you ever thought how much it will cost you to start a business or a franchise like say McDonald’s? (I hope you assume that it is a REAL business).If you decided to spring those couple of thousand hundreds of dollars, and after that told two people about it and would sit on your behind not doing anything else it would quickly turn into a SCAM too.A business requires WORK on your part to make it run. It requires some monetary investments, time, marketing skills, commitment and so much more!!! There is no easy way to make money, there is ether business or scams and the difference between them is in your mind.If you are seriously tired of the rat race and understand that job security is a joke then you need to start educating yourself and start thinking of owning your own business – any business for that matter.But if you are looking to start a business and are ready to commit to it, the Network Marketing Industry is your best bet to have a chance to survive, to learn and to grow with minimal investment, on job training, all the systems already put in place, coaching and support and so much more. And to tell you my opinion (for what it is worth) working in several different MLM I find CDT to be one of the best of them.If you want to hear any more of my humble opinions my Skype is dan_ira96


  9. Paul Pri Avatar

    Hi everyone.The diamond price for the good quality is the same,what I can get locally from the jeweler/wholesaler. Loose diamonds are not that expensive.Example: Round, F color, 0.46 Carat, VS1, Very good cut/polishedLocally $1200 on there web $3100Most what they have is low quality what you can not sell in high end store.


  10. ny999 Avatar

    Dear Daniel,I carefully read almost all correspondence on your blog. You and people around you just complain about problems connected with CDT. Is it right?Do not enter in this process FBI, ABC, or something else because CDT is a legal company with trading system approved by Canadian and US government!Your opponents discuss about MLM and stick this abbreviation to CDT. In is not correct because it is not an MLM. You and your opponents write about pyramid but it is not a pyramid – this is a binary distribution system. I suspect that happen because of lack of your marketing education. Sorry, it is true.What you need to know from now and forever:Any distribution system, franchise or any marketing where a product not exist is illegal. In other cases, it is very difficult to prove that this business is illegal. When you see a real product (or service) for sale in the system – this business is legal.What you want to prove or promote? I saw many sites where somebody wanted to promote own business used other brand name to make traffic in own site.Be careful blaming others, you could get a huge court claim.By the way, West Australian “government” web is not a legal site too.Good luck.


  11. S.B. from Bulgaria Avatar

    Peter Skuta …. What happend with the investigation? Becouse i get this CDT material from some russian guy.I i had to check it, before i give my money.I didn't get it? … i get some get-rich matterial from canadian commpany through some russian guy, i guess that probably is a skam, but who knows maybe not.


  12. Peter Skuta Avatar

    Dear Everyone!I have reported CDT to FBI and to Ontario Police Department to investigate the fraud of identity theft and consumer fraud in diamond scam. It's very easy to do a mathematical calculation to prove the company cannot pay out more if I join with $2 million dollars 🙂 What will happen if I do that? well i will not see my money and the CDT will fly away. Canada is a small country. If CDT wants to contact me I am there for you, my friends at INTERPOL and CIA will know whats going on and also my friends at ANTI Rockets too.


  13. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Csaba,The problem, as I see it, is there's no publications of facts in either direction. I have yet to find a truly credible body of information from either side. I do not have the resources to do it, but I wish a credible news organization with the resources to investigate and report would take this up and give the world a definitive answer.Daniel


  14. Csaba Hajdu Avatar

    Hi there !I'm Hungarian, and CDT has arrived in our country recently, and one of my long-time friends has contacted me, saying how this is a great opportunity. I've began my research on the matter, have read many blog posts and this is the first time I've ever posted myself.The thing is, the more I read about CDT being a scam/pyramid/fraud, whatever you may call it, I get more and more curious. How come noone EVER shows anything that comes even close to FACT ? Even though I see people posting about how they got loads of money (and diamonds) out of the system – and got paid eventually – I just can't join it unless I know it is not illegal. Since it is about getting people to join to make a group benefit, the least I can do is to make a proper research and praise/flame according to my honest opinion.If it is definately a fraud, how come it is still on ? The first post concerning CDT being illegal were in 2005 ! 4 years people !Not a single trial or legal action in the matter ? Strange !Has anyone got hold of any recent information ?Thanks for your timeCsaba


  15. Steve Avatar

    I was fooled into this scam a couple of years ago. Did somone succesfully "get out" and got their money back? I was told that if you did not "cycle-out" and earn a payout within two years, they would then reimburse you. I have sent them 2x 500$ USD. My bad? or Can I ever get it back! As I got nothing for than money.Help!Steve


  16. Daniel Greene Avatar

    I'm happy to keep this blog going. I just wish that an investigative news reporter with the financial resources and legal backing of a legitimate news agency would investigate Canadian Diamond Traders and let us know what's really going on. A little guy like me (blogger) doesn't have what it takes to discern the truth from the cacophony of opinions.


  17. Kinaz Avatar

    Thanks for the blog, I almost got fooled by this scam. Actually my bro tried to lure me into joining this but I was reluctant. Anyway, keep this blog going.


  18. Paul Gielbert Avatar

    I also lost money with them and have asked numerous times to unsubscribe but they keep sending me emails. I did speak to someone at their "Customer Services" – I asked for my money back I'm sure you can guess the answer…


  19. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Hmm… those are good questions, but I don't know the answers. Anyone else care to comment with a response?


  20. Matt Avatar

    Who do you contact when you get spammed from them? I have been emailing them for months to take me off their list and they wont ever do it.Who is the federal or regulatory authority to report them?


  21. Acrylik Avatar

    Hi DanielBasically in a nutshell, this is how it works. Anyone can register as an independent Diamond Trader (IDT) for CDT. This is free. At this stage you can log into there store and get appraised, certified diamonds at really good prices. Further to that, certain purchases activate you into their Diamond Trading Program, which is a platform for CDT's customers to earn extra income by marketing their products and services. The diamond purchase is an appraised, certified stone, that's been valued (by top laboratories) at between $2000 and $3000. The asking price is $1000. If you isolate this transaction, alone it is a good deal regardless of wether you pursue the program or not.This diamond can be paid in full (diamond ships immediately), or a $500 deposit can be placed on it (some work is required before it is sent to you). Once you have been activated, your purchase is noted on a "diamond board".There are 4 levels on the diamond board, which you progress through as you and your team markets the diamonds. When i say market, i mean refer people to purchasing these diamonds therefore also activating themselves into the Diamond Board. We do not keep inventory of diamonds, handle the shipping, or handle any finances. This transaction happens between the customer and CDT. We only refer.So when this "Diamond board" fills up with sales, the board "splits". The guy at the top level, called the collector, gets his diamond, if not paid in full, and also a $3500 marketing fee. He is removed from the board and must enter as a level 1 "miner" on a new board. Every time you re-enter a board, you are basically paying again to start this process from the beginning, but this amount (another $500) is deducted from your marketing fee, along with any outstanding monies owed to them for your diamond ($500). So you are left with $2500, a +-$2500 diamond, and are never expected to pay anything ever again, but continue this process for as long as you like. Everybody's efforts makes this "miner line" fill, and will assist in the board splitting and somebody collecting. At every split you progress to the next level, and can progress to level 3 without doing anything. At that point you will not progress to the final stage unless you have made 2 sales.Sales made by you, your refferals, will follow you from board to board after they collect. Every time a referral (who is coded to you for life) follows you onto your board, they will become your repeat customer, ie count as 1 of your qualifying sales. There are also freebies! 2 types assist you to cycle out faster. Temporary ones happen as a result of qualified members getting excess sales. These get given to users on your board for one cycle. There are also corporate freebies, sales which happen as a result of CDTs advertising. These don't list anyone as a refferal and will randomly get distributed to users as permanent sales credited to them for life.Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope this helps clarify how the system works. The product has standalone market value, no stock inventory is required, no monthly fee or further investment is ever required – which is why this system is unique.


  22. Daniel Greene Avatar

    I don't see any information in your post that clarifies "the mechanisms of CDTs business". All I see is more propaganda.


  23. Acrylik Avatar

    Hi everyoneI'm a huge fan of freedom of speech and exploring the truth behind matters. I have followed this blog since hearing about CDT. If anything, the findings of this posting have provoked me to do more research and have in fact encouraged me in my decision to pursue as an Independent Diamond Trader for CDT in South Africa. Perhaps lets change the angle of this conversation. Do you all understand the mechanisms of CDTs business wholly enough to comment? Perhaps invite CDT to respond openly and explain their system to us all. They are selling a certified appraised product with standalone market value. That purchase alone is a good deal. I have seen the product and the bank statements. If the South African diamond board is happy with the quality of the diamonds then so am I. The program they offer is really a bonus, and should be seen as an optional platform for those who do want to use this as a vehicle to earn additional income. Once your cycle is complete, you are never required to pay anything ever again. So I'm buying a diamond at cost price, and my purchase is opening up a door for earning additional income. Where is the problem? If you have queries about their business process, email them!support@cdtforever.comI personally get rapid responses to my ever enduring quest for info.Please don't all base your comments on your opinions – investigate this properly.


  24. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Good question. I'm afraid it has a lot to do with the lack of world knowledge and the lack of employment that many deaf people face. This combination of ignorance and poverty makes people gullible to get-rich schemes. Please understand that there are many very well-educated and financially successful deaf people. But there are still many who are easy prey for scams and schemes. That's one reason why deaf education really needs to improve in our country. I don't have all the answers, so I welcome responses from other people, especially deaf people.


  25. anonymous Avatar

    How come so many deaf people are involved with CDT?


  26. Mishka Zena » Blog Archive » Mishka Zena Threatened With Lawsuits Avatar

    […] From another blogger: Canadian Diamond Traders wants to silence me?  […]


  27. Deaf258 Avatar

    Hey, I found a link for you, Daniel! Hope that'll help you and other people who are current or potential victims of CDT, Club Freedom, Revolving Travel and other MLM pyramid scams!


  28. Daniel Greene Avatar

    I received another call from Canadian Diamond Traders. Now they want me to remove my post, "Is Canadian Diamond Traders a Scam?" I will not delete that blog post; in fact, I'm re-approving the long comments by David Thornton and the short defense by Mary. I offered Canadian Diamond Traders "equal time" to refute the statements they find objectionable with credible evidence to the contrary. But I put them on notice that I do not want them to call me on the phone anymore, and that I will consider further calls to be harassment. If they want to communicate with me, they will need to do so with legitimate legal correspondence.


  29. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Deaf Pundit, You're right. I won't remove anything until I receive a legitimate letter from them by post. If they want to defend any of the statements on this blog, I am willing to give them equal space to do so. I won't play games, and I don't want drama, but I will not give up the right to free speech.


  30. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Dear CDT Legal Department, I have never claimed to know the true nature of CDT, as I have found it incredibly difficult to ascertain. But I do have my suspicions, and I want the public to beware of business operations that may be harmful to them. It is up to my readers to read what is out there and decide for themselves. CDT has innumerable websites to promote itself, so I feel no compulsion to aid it in its efforts to disseminate its message.However, I am willing to remove the comments from David Thornton and Mary from my post from August 2006. Would that be satisfactory? Daniel Greene


  31. A Deaf Pundit Avatar

    Daniel,I would advise you to consult with an attorney over this. Any company that has a decent legal department knows emailing or leaving comments on blogs doesn't do anything. A letter has more standing in court than those two methods.


  32. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Dear CDT Legal Department,I’m glad to see this letter appearing as a comment on my blog. I assure you that this is the first I’ve seen of it, since I never received an e-mail from you.I would be happy to collaborate within reason, as I would never wish to be guilty of libel. However, all I have done in my writings is to raise questions and provide links to informative articles on government web sites. I cannot imagine that you have reason to ask me to remove any of that. Please tell me exactly which of my statements are misleading to the public.
    Cordially, Daniel Greene


  33. mishkazena Avatar

    Yup. They also tried to silence other writers (hearing), too.


  34. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Thank you, Lois. Mishkazena, I looked at your blog just now and see your blog post and comments. Did someone from CDT try to silence you, too?


  35. mishkazena Avatar

    you, too? lol


  36. Lois Avatar

    Good for you to expose it! It's a scam without question.Lois


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