iTunes Movies and TV Shows — Captioned?

While Apple has announced a new Apple TV and movie rentals on iTunes, now more than ever it’s high time they made sure that all their video content is closed captioned. With the writers’ strike affecting television programming and more people switching to downloadable content, let’s not take a huge step backward by delivering a huge mess of inaccessible content over the Internet! The ADA does not require Internet deliverables to be closed-captioned because the ADA was drafted before the Internet, but the spirit of the law is to ensure that people have access to media, and since most movies and television shows have already been captioned for legacy media, it shouldn’t be difficult to deliver those captions along with new media. Apple has put the technology in place for the viewing of closed captions in iTunes, QuickTime, and iPods. The next step is actually selling and renting closed-captioned videos!

2 thoughts on “iTunes Movies and TV Shows — Captioned?

  1. This is so true, for every video that is displayed on the internet as well. We need captions for everything nowadays. I believe that with the fight for TV and Movies to be captioned as now become more stronger than ever than before. With the technology of Internet, downloadable content such as movies, clips, and so forth — there are oftentimes no captions. With this technology in mind we should be aware that everyone from Blind to Deaf people use the Internet to communicate. What better way to communicate but through videos. Even with You Tube becoming so popular nowadays we hardly understand the dialouge if it wasn’t in captioned. But luckily for Deaf people and their visual language such as ASL, the viewing of Sign Language becomes a necessity for videos. But on the other hand, is this a way to captioned ALL VIDEOS even with ASL? For the benefit of the Hearing population running most of the videos posted on the web, should all these videos be captioned as well as for Deaf people and Hearing people in the same way that ASL signed Videos should be subtitled? I think so.. come on. . . let’s get a movement going like we did in the late 80’s to have TV captioned, now with this new technology of the Internet, this is our generation’s TV and it should all be captioned as well.


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