My Favorite Shaving Cream – Discontinued!

My Favorite Shaving Cream – Discontinued!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Edge ActiveCare Shave Cream has been discontinued. I am sad and frustrated because it was the best shaving cream I’ve used in over a quarter of a century. It is rich and creamy, helps the razor glide across my face and slice through my beard, rinses clean, and leaves my face feeling calm and moisturized! It’s not drying or sticky the way so many other shaving creams are. And now it’s gone! My husband loves it too, and this is our last tube of it. I looked online, and you can’t even get this stuff on EBay anymore. (Someone was selling it for $10 a tube, but they ran out. Someone else was selling it on Amazon for $14 a tube, and only had 5 left as of last night.)

But there is a sliver of good news. I called S.C. Johnson & Son just now to verify that the product had been discontinued and to request that they start making it again. They told me that the product was, indeed, discontinued in March, but they also told me something great. When they discontinued it, they bought it back from retailers so they could sell it by mail order to customers who loved it enough to call and ask about it. And they’re not selling it for $10 or $14 a tube– they’re selling it for $4 a tube plus shipping and handling. I just bought four cases, six tubes per case! The shelf life is two years, so that should last me and my husband for the next couple of years or so.

Sure, I could buy a bunch of cases and sell it on EBay for a profit, but I’m going to do loyal Edge ActiveCare customers a favor: just call S.C. Johnson & Son at 800-558-5252, tell them you wish they would put Edge ActiveCare Shave Cream back on the market, and order a case of six for yourself while supplies last. No, I am not employed by S.C. Johnson & Son. I just love this product and want to get it back on the market. Selling it on EBay for a profit is not going to accomplish that. Sharing this information with fellow customers and asking them to call, voice their demand for the product, and order it from the manufacturer at an affordable price just might do the trick! (And it couldn’t hurt my karma, either.)






17 responses to “My Favorite Shaving Cream – Discontinued!”

  1. Billy Avatar

    Just started using my last tube and thought I’d look for some more online. I guess that’s not going to happen. I found it on sale at a local grocery store for $1 a tube so I bought them out. That was 5 years ago. Thanks for the info on the Neutrogena!


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  3. Jonathon Avatar

    An angel sent me five tubes of this stuff while I was deployed to the Middle East in mid-2007. I’ve just started on the last tube about a month ago. Amazing! It really does last too long for them to sell it like ‘normal shaving cream.’ If there’s any left I’ll be ordering some, but I’m doubtful at this point. Besides writing to S.C. Johnson & Son to request the product’s reintroduction to the market, I’ll be looking for the Neutrogena product mentioned above by FRS.


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  5. Scott Martinez Avatar
    Scott Martinez

    Thanks so much for this advice. i am down to 1/2 a tube myself. i just called to order 4 boxes. with shipping, it comes out to 5.67 a tube.


  6. FRS in NYC Avatar
    FRS in NYC

    Daniel – I’d happily buy some if you’re looking to get rid of it. Best replacement I’ve come across is the Neutrogena stuff. But I’d prefer the edge. How can I contact you?


  7. Daniel Greene Avatar

    I agree with you all– of course! Have you all tried calling the number to buy some of the last product? I bought a bunch of it about a year ago and still have boxes of it. I’m thinking I might sell some just so it can be used up before the best-by date.


  8. sdfsd Avatar

    It don’t understand why they decided to discontinued this product. It was the best I have ever seen. I hope the sell the formula to somebody else.


  9. RDG Avatar

    I’m in total agreement with you about Edge Active Care shave cream. Last time I bought it, I got 2 tubes and t has lasted me over a year. Now I find it is gone! I
    love it mostly cause it doesn’t have that sickening scent that most other shave creams do. I use the one in the yellow and whit tube: Peppermint oil amd marine
    extract. Thanks for the info….


  10. Chuck Avatar

    I thought something was “up” a few months ago….I couldn’t find Edge Active Care anywhere EXCEPT for a local supermarket named Safeway, and they were selling it at a discount. I bought all 10 tubes that were on the shelf! It’s really a great product, I don’t know why it’s been discontinued. Perhaps most people think of a shave cream in a tube as something that’s old-fashioned and too much trouble to use. But it really moisturizes extremely well and softens the hair for shaving. Besides using it on my face, I use it for a lot of “manscaping.” Hope this isn’t too much information (TMI) !! I will miss the product when my supply is gone.


  11. Oscar Avatar

    Hello Daniele,

    I am just reading this blog, I hope I can still get some product directly from J&J.

    I came across with this great shaving cream about 2 years ago or so…it does last long time, but I had to continuosly buy more since my Dad and brother like it so much that everytime I traveled (to Mexico) I used to bring extra tubes.

    I thought it was just bad luck about 2 months that I couldn’t find it on shelves, nowhere! Now I confirmed what I was affraid of.

    I will be calling first thing in the morning…Thanks!



  12. Jack Avatar

    Glad I found your blog. I agree that this is by far the best shaving cream/gel or whatever you want to call it. My tube pooted this morning so I was looking everywhere and no-one had it. Even the website address on the tube goes to Edge’s main site that doesnt carry it. I’m a business major in college… and… well… stores make their profit by selling quantity. The one tube of this cream lasted me for a LONG time… how long did yours last? I applaud Edge for continuing to distribute this product… hopefully they are still manuf. it and not just unloading their takebacks. Stock up and freeze it. 😉

    As far as it coming back into stores… don’t count on it. Wal-mart isn’t going to carry a product that isn’t flying off the shelves. Maybe small drugstores, but def. not major retail chains.

    Edge shot their foot off by making a product that was TOO good… or at least lasted for too long before a consumer ran out.

    Thank you so much… you don’t know how greatful I am.




  13. Brad Avatar

    Thanks for the head’s up! Going to order me some tomorrow!


  14. Daniel Greene Avatar

    You are right, Bob; it was actually $4.57, not $4. But it was still worth it. Glad to help.


  15. Bob Lazzarini Avatar


    Many thanks for the heads-up on where to get what remains of “Our Favorite Shaving Cream”!
    FYI, the price, from S.C. Johnson’s mail order dept, was $4.57 when buying by a case of six tubes.
    Considering the option of not getting it anymore, this price was fine by me.
    Even more so since those places on the internet who do have it are charging more, even when including S&H.
    I did follow your suggestion of letting their marketing department that I’d like to see it back on the shelves.



  16. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Yes, Mary, that’s me, and I’m on Facebook and know about the reunion. I won’t be going, but it’s nice to see the people, photos, and memories on Facebook. Thanks for the heads up.


  17. Mary Oswell Avatar
    Mary Oswell

    Since I wasn’t sure if you got my IM I thought I’d add this as a comment-
    I am hoping that you are the then Danny Dalgaard who participated in San Diego Junior Theatre in the 1980s. This summer JT is celebrating its 60th Anniversary and we are tying to reach out to alumni that we have lost touch with. The 60th celebration has its own Facebook page which includes photos and descriptions of the events involved and lists the alumni we have already connected with. Also, we would love to add your information to our alumni directory, so if you could send your preferred contact information to Liz Persons Price at that would be great. Thanks for your time.

    Visit SDJT’s 60th Anniversary Facebook page at


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