Reflections on ICED Apology and Abolishment of Sign Language Ban

Today I saw this retweet from Jared Evans about the ICED (International Congress on the Education of the Deaf) “formal apology for the Milan 1880 conference which banned signed languages in deaf education.” I believe that was the first I heard of it. This evening, I looked at the DeafRead links on the right sidebar of my blog and saw a blog post by Amy Cohen Efron about the ICED apology along with an embedded vlog she posted on YouTube:

My comment:

I think this is great. And I didn’t realize that the conference of Milan was the second quinquennial conference in a whole series leading up to today. I am glad to hear of this “gesture” though I am cautious about looking at an apology as an action. Yes, it is a step in the right direction, but I wonder how much of a difference it will make. Signed language instruction has persevered despite the original edict against it, so what difference will the removal of that edict make? Just a thought.

Then I looked at my DeafRead feed again, and saw a blog post by Robert Mason about Ella Mae Lentz’ response to the ICED apology “rumors” along with a link to her vlog on YouTube:

I guess I’d have to say I’m in “Camp Ella” on this one (nothing personal, Amy)*. Really, I admire both women and have enjoyed their work. It’s just that I share Ella Mae Lentz’ skepticism. Let’s hope for the best but keep fighting against the worst.

*Whether you’re in Camp Edward or Camp Jacob you enjoy Twilight, right? 🙂






6 responses to “Reflections on ICED Apology and Abolishment of Sign Language Ban”

  1. Lark Avatar

    Big help, big help. And supareltive news of course.


  2. the one and only ridor Avatar

    I’m in Team Ella. Very skeptical.



  3. MIchael Avatar

    Of course, you better be in Ella’s camp. This woman has more senses than Amy. Sometimes Amy’s work looks ok, but AMy should not be trusted.


  4. Karen Mayes Avatar
    Karen Mayes

    Got this… hope it’s not another lip service, but this sounds more reliable:


  5. Karen Mayes Avatar
    Karen Mayes

    Yup. This time I want to see if there’s any meat in the heresays going on now. If it’s true, then we’d see how much power would be willing to be delegated to different camps (ASL, oral, TC, etc…) in the deaf education. There might be a little squabbling over what’s best for the deaf education later on.


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