On singing the way I talk

I’m working on overcoming my classical training to sing the way I talk. Here I’m talking about and showing the difference between my “standardized” voice and my “individualized” voice, using the song Chasing Cars to give examples. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “On singing the way I talk

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.
    I did want to share my comments regarding singing. I too have a singing background. My experiences are a bit different. I started singing around 5 years old. Most of my early experience was in my church choir. When I started 7th grade, I joined a city-wide choir in Chicago called The Soul Children of Chicago. SCC is a professional choir that currently still sings today around the globe. To date, they have produced approx. 10 albums (I sang on the first three). The name of our choir tells you that we were not your typical classical choir. We sang gospel. On occasion, we did sing a few classical pieces.

    This is where most of my training originated. So, when I sing, I must be careful to not OVER sing a song, or put too much “soul” into it. It takes me more effort to sing “standardized.” When I can find the balance of control and soulfulness…I am satisfied.

    Singing to me isn’t simply following a bunch of taught guidelines, but something that comes from the heart and soul. Similar to other instruments, we can learn how to play notes precisely, but the beauty of music is when the musician adds individuality and passion to a song.

    Thanks for sharing !


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