Notes on “A Conversation with Translators”

TerpTrans logoI enjoyed watching the live feed of the Endless Possibilities Talks this afternoon. The Google+ Hangout on Air was viewable from within Google+ and on YouTube. Gerda S Prato-Espejo posted commentary on Twitter using the hashtag #EPT, and others including myself posted comments and questions using same hashtag. (The purpose of using the same hashtag is you can view a search of all Tweets with that hashtag, and refresh it often to keep up with the conversation.)

A sample of the Tweets!/EPTupdates/status/191614539731697665!/GerardoBensi/status/191614716454506497!/TerpTrans/status/191619328557318144!/GerardoBensi/status/191616826470440960!/rainylondon/status/191623717892276225!/TerpTrans/status/191625226042355715

People in the Hangout

Esther Navarro-Hall, #EPT co-founder and moderator

Al Navas, #EPT co-founder and interviewer

Gerda S Prato-Espejo, #EPT co-founder and Tweeter

Valeria Aliperta

Veronica Riva

Marta Stelmaszak

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