• A cuddling haiku

    A cuddling haiku

    Cuddling with you, Where you end and I begin Gets lost in oneness.

  • Yes, cuddling is a thing now

    Yes, cuddling is a thing now

    Did you know platonic cuddling is a “thing” now? Yep, there’s a whole community of cuddlers who want to cuddle and — that’s it! — just cuddle. If you want to just cuddle, or just talk about cuddling, check out my profile on And check out the community after checking out my profile. Hope […]

  • Added the domain

    Added the domain

    I just purchased the domain name and mapped it to this website to attract folks to what I have offer as a professional cuddler. This will give cuddle clients a chance to learn about me from what I have written on this website over the decades as well as what I will be adding […]

  • I Voted! (2020 local election)

    I voted! Now you! #vote #VoteByMail #mailinballots — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) July 20, 2020

  • National Coming Out Day 2019

    Oh, and I’m gay. #nationalcomingoutday