Mon Meilleur Ami – My Best Friend movie review

I saw the French movie Mon Meilleur Ami (English title My Best Friend, an aptly literal translation) come up on Amazon Prime today, and the synopsis immediately reminded me of the American movie I Love You, Man— guy who seems to have everything has no best friend and suddenly needs to find one. He goes in search for one, has some funny mismatches, finally meets his match, has him teach him how to be a friend… and I won’t give away the rest (spoilers, darling).

Of course, I am in the same boat as the protagonists of both movies– I have a romantic partner and a number of friends but no best friend. I’ve been curious to watch I Love You Man again, but I was happier to watch this foreign likeness of it, which I suspect the American film was based on, though I can find no statement to that effect.

Anyway, let it suffice to say that Mon Meilleur AmiMy Best Friend is a great movie well worth your time to watch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn something. And you will probably cherish your best friend or want one even more– maybe with a bit more wisdom about what a best friend is.



Signed songs may be the appetizer, but ASL poetry is the dessert

In the spirit of saying Hey! Look at Deaf language artists! I’d like to share with you a Facebook Page I was turned on to today called ASL 1–10 Stories. 1–10 stories are a genre of ASL poetry using sign/classifier “rhymes” of the handshapes for the numbers 1 through 10. You have to learn to understand ASL on a sophisticated level to appreciate these stories, and I’ve never seen hearing people do them as well as Deaf people, so I like to think of it this way: if Paul & Tina are your appetizer, learn ASL from Deaf people so you can enjoy ASL poetry for dessert!