Earned Cuddlist Certificate

Completed the Cuddlist Training, received feedback from two cuddle clients, had an approval session with an approved evaluator, had a […]

Completed Cuddlist Training

I completed a professional cuddler training program and earned my Cuddlist Trained certificate. I highly recommend the training. It’s all […]

Concept Map using Popplet

I completed this project for EDU250, Teaching and Learning in the Community Colleges, in July 2014. The assignment was: Create […]

Assessing Student Learning

Assignment Prompt This project was completed for EDU250, Teaching in the Community Colleges. The assignment for this project was: This […]

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Master’s Thesis

Greene, D. (2013). Keeping it vague: A study of vague language in an American Sign Language corpus and implications for […]

RID Views Cover Spring 2011

RID Views Feature

Greene, D. (April 2011). Just what they said: interpreting intentionally vague language. Feature Story in Views(28)1. Alexandria, VA: Registry of […]

Sexting book cover

At Issue: Sexting

Greene, D. (2011). The threat of sexting has been exaggerated. In S. Kiesbye (Ed.) At Issue: Sexting pp. 15-18. Farmington […]

My photos on Cabela’s T-shirts

You can read the whole story about how photos I took at Cabela’s were commissioned for T-shirts on the blog […]

Eyes of Desire 2 cover

Eyes of Desire 2

Greene, D. (2007). My first deaf guy. In R. Luczak (Ed.) Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader pp. […]