For me, photography is the capturing of what I see, whether it be beautiful, plain, or just a scene I think is worth documenting. I have loved taking photos ever since my dad got my a Kodak Pocket Instamatic 110 when I was seven. In 2001, I got a digital camera, and I’ve taken thousands of photos since. I have had several Canon digital cameras, including a 5D full frame digital camera and several high quality Canon lenses. In January 2013, I bought the first full frame “mirrorless” compact interchangeable lens camera, the Sony a7, and I am enjoying the lighter weight and smaller size.

I have sold photos for posters, t-shirts, websites, and brochures, and have been hired to shoot interiors, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other events. I would be happy to speak with you about photographing you, your friends and family, and/or your event. Please also let me know if you would like to license any of my photos.

Call me at 623-252-5171 or email

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