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  • FCC Comment: Interpreters ≠ Dial Tone

    I posted the following comment to the FCC regarding Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) – Docket 03-123. I have been told that the FCC considers sign language interpreters to be “equivalent to a dial tone,” and that we are not mandated reporters of abuse. The problem with this is that we are human beings, and unlike […]

  • Style Sheets Demo Page

    Style Sheets Demo Page

    Style Sheets The Easy Way To Stylize Your Web Pages “CSS is an easy way to effect sweeping stylistic changes in your web pages without much effort.” Finally, style separated from structure! Have you ever come across a web page that was “stylish” to the point of illegibility? Of course you have. As a web […]

  • Features of Good Web Design

    Features of Good Web Design

    Introduction and Purpose This site was originally my “Notes on This Site” page, and it has turned into something of a guide to best practices in Web design, which is how I present it now, in the hope that people seeking to learn how to write better Web sites will read this and use what […]

  • “The ADA and Interpreters” workshop review

    On April 2, SCRID sponsored a workshop entitled “The ADA and Interpreters” on the Palomar College campus in San Marcos. The four-hour workshop, presented by Darlene West, gave participants an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it is written, interpreted and enforced. Darlene’s bold and animated style brought to life the five titles […]