I’m now a trained professional cuddler!

I’ve been learning about cuddling ever since I started feeling touch-deprived while quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. I joined a website for people who love to cuddle (see my profile on CuddleComfort.com) and learned a lot from participating in forum discussions and corresponding with other members. Finally, after being vaccinated I began cuddling people I met through the site!

Next I completed a professional training program and earned my Cuddlist Trained certificate. You can now book a cuddle with me via my profile on Cuddlist.com!

I highly recommend the training. It’s all about boundaries, consent, and creating a safe space for therapeutic touch. If you are interested in becoming a professional cuddler, you can save 10% on the training by using my discount code DANIELG (must enter in ALL CAPS).

Strange but true: J.J. loves to lick master’s wet legs after a shower.

Yes, we don’t know how it happened or why it happened — there’s water in his water bowl! — but our J.J. has gotten into the habit of licking our wet legs after we shower. Heck, he even sticks his snout into the shower while we’re in it and licks the bathtub. But when either of us steps out of the shower — or even while we stand in it and dry off — he licks the water off our legs. Now, I know there are bound to be some people who think we shouldn’t let him do this, but we think it’s harmless and sweet.