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  • Me & Andy on Easter Sunday

  • Andy & I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary simply

    Andy & I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary simply Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene We didn’t go out to a fine French restaurant or the Compass Room with its 360º view of the Valley. No. This year we just got Pizza Hut stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and chicken wings. We watched Bounty Hunter which, little […]

  • Laughing hysterically at hubby playing Wii Fit Plus

    My husband & I got the Wii Fit Plus game today. That’s him flapping his arms like a bird to play Bird’s-eye Bull’s-eye, and me laughing hysterically in the background. I don’t know how much exercise we got out of our Wii Fit Plus tonight, but the laughs were priceless!

  • Our California Same-Sex Civil Marriage Ceremony

    Andy & I had already been married by our rabbi at Dor Hadash in San Diego on August 8, 2004, but we jumped at the chance to make our partnership legal in California the first Saturday they performed these civil marriages: June 21, 2008. We were married at about 5:30 PM by a deputy named […]

  • Lucky me =)

    Lucky me =) Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Andy & I are so blessed! We had a great Valentine’s Day and a double date with our friends Sean & Cody at Mi Pátio. This photo was taken by Cody with my camera.