Daniel and Me had the pleasure to go…

Daniel and Me had the pleasure to go to San Diego and get married the first day of summer June 21, 2008. We wanted to do this as a statement of legally binding our love in a more formal way. The sad part about it is that same sex marriage has been taken away from those that want it now. As the courts fight over weather on not this should be legal, we are a few of the lucky ones that are. Happy Anniversary to my loving husband on this our third year of our legal marriage

Andy & I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary simply

We didn’t go out to a fine French restaurant or the Compass Room with its 360º view of the Valley. No. This year we just got Pizza Hut stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and chicken wings. We watched Bounty Hunter which, little did we know, ended with the phrase “Happy anniversary, darling.” And we took a walk around the neighborhood. A nice simple afternoon / evening together.

Gift from Andy on our Fifth Anniversary

Andy got me these new shelves as a “wood” present for our fifth wedding anniversary (the gift of the fifth wedding anniversary is wood). We put them up last night even though our anniversary’s not until Saturday. I really like the way they look with the photos on them!