So proud of my students!

I am so proud of how my ASL students are doing with storytelling! They are retelling three stories from Signing Naturally: “Timber,” “Gum Story,” and “Gallaudet & Clerc.” I credit the language models, Joey Baer, Stefanie Ellis, and Tyrone Giordano; the authors, Ella Mae Lentz, Ken Mikos, and Cheri Smith; and myself for maximizing the curriculum to help my students learn.

In short, I am proud of my students, proud of myself, and thankful to the people who contributed to my teaching and my students’ learning. It is a great feeling!


Too busy to blog

Somehow I feel obliged to post something, but really I’ve been so busy prepping for classes and teaching that I really haven’t felt the need to blog or even post much of anything on social media. I finally understand why some people are not into it at all. It seems to have lost its luster for me. Anyway, perhaps I will resume blogging, but for now I am busy doing other things.