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  • Making our own rules

    Today in the Smithers-Greene, I’ve allowed myself (with Andy’s blessing) to wear prints with patterns. (Buxley doesn’t seem to mind, either.) I’ve also decided it’s okay for last night’s leftovers to make for a light dinner as long as I make up for it with a big piece of leftover birthday cake!

  • Happy Birthday, Andy!

    Happy Birthday, Andy! Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. These tulips were a gift to our neighbor Elva, and she shared some with my partner Andy. It seemed a fitting tribute to take a photo of these handsome flowers lit so warmly by our dining room table light with our purple accent wall behind them. These…

  • Synchronicity?

    Synchronicity? Originally uploaded by danielgreene. This morning, Andy asked me if I was making coffee (which I was), and I responded sarcastically, “No, I thought we’d have hot chocolate instead.” After saying that, I decided to have hot mocha instead of just coffee. I’ve never made that decision before. It was just a “wild hair.”…

  • Happy Birthday, Andy!

    Bearded Iris 1 Originally uploaded by danielgreene. May this flower bring you a sense of the love and serenity you bring to me.