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  • Blog 2014: Adding affiliate links to earn money

    I just found out that WordPress.com, the advertising-averse blogging platform that hosts this site, allows bloggers to earn revenue by posting affiliate links. What?!? I wish I’d known this years ago! I’m this nice guy who, for years, has had links on this blog to Amazon for books I contributed to — just to make it easier for people […]

  • Blog 2014: 1,000 Comments Milestone

    What do you know? 1,000 comments (since 2006). Keep those cards and letters coming. ;-)

  • Blog 2014: Free WordPress themes that display bylines

    This is an update to a post I wrote in September 2012 titled WordPress.com themes that display author bylines, which listed free WordPress themes of 2012 that displayed bylines on both posts pages and single posts, single posts only, or not at all. My 2012 post served as an update to another blogger’s post Author and […]

  • Blog 2014: Adding social media links

    Blog 2014: Adding social media links

    Where I learned how to add social media buttons, and where I found them Today, I added custom social media links to my secondary menu, which appears on the left sidebar in the Twenty-Fourteen WordPress theme I’m using now. I did this because Twenty-Fourteen doesn’t have social links in the theme, and I wanted them […]

  • Blog 2014: The Lifestyle category

    Blog 2014: The Lifestyle category

    I was looking for a category for my blog posts about accessibility, ethics, politics, human rights, love, relationships, and family, so I Googled some of those terms together, and the top result was lifestyle. A very nice definition I found on Wikipedia was: Lifestyle may include views on politics, religion, health, intimacy, and more. This sociological […]