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  • Added the domain nurturingman.com

    Added the domain nurturingman.com

    I just purchased the domain name nurturingman.com and mapped it to this website to attract folks to what I have offer as a professional cuddler. This will give cuddle clients a chance to learn about me from what I have written on this website over the decades as well as what I will be adding…

  • Thirteen years on WordPress

    Thirteen years on WordPress

    I have been off-and-on with blogging over the years, but I’m really happy I turned my 10-year-old website into a blog in 2006 and have kept it up all these years. WordPress has definitely made it easier to publish new content on DanielGreene.com.

  • Wow, Google+ is going away?!

    Wow, Google+ is going away?!

    Wow, Google+ is going away?! Makes me wonder about Facebook and Twitter. Eventually the social media we use so much may be no longer. Is blogging the way to go?

  • 2016 Review and 2017 Preview

    I know the end of January is later than years-in-review usually come out, but since I have not blogged in a long, long time, I thought it best to share what I’ve been doing all this time and what I plan to do this year. One thing I have spent a lot of time on…

  • Status Update for July 2015

    What have I been doing since last summer, you ask? I have been teaching ASL classes, mentoring and leading case supervision, interpreting, and teaching interpreting workshops. I have not been much of a blogger because, honestly, as busy as my days have been, the only thing I want to do at night is watch TV. On the weekends,…