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  • Callie blesses me with her kitty love

  • Kitty haiku

    Barelegged I stand, My calves brushed with softest fluff. Good morning, says kitty.

  • Loving Callie for Mom

    I won’t say “I didn’t lose a Mom, I gained a cat,” but I do love Callie and feel good about giving her the loving home my Mom can’t give her anymore.

  • Introducing Callie

    After my mom died, we adopted her kitty, Callie. I had not wanted to promise my mother we would adopt her, because I feared how our dogs and a cat would get along, but after she died I decided to do it. Callie is a Maine coon. Very affectionate and gentle! So far, she is […]

  • Here today, gone tomorrow

    Here today, gone tomorrow Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene My husband Andy found these two baby pigeons in our planter by the front door yesterday. This was not a cause for rejoicing. We have already been conducting a long egg disposal campaign in the backyard palm tree for the past two years (the dogs love […]