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  • Christmas 2018

    Christmas 2018

    Went to the Different Pointe of View restaurant again with my husband, dad, and a friend of his. Enjoyed the delicious food, elegant atmosphere, and gorgeous view.

  • House for the Holidays

    House for the Holidays Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene May the winter holidays bring you the warmth, fun, and excitement that we enjoy this time of year! Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas.

  • Lady’s First Christmas at the Smithers-Greene

    Lady’s 1st Christmas @ Smithers Greene Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Lady says, "Hats are not the fashion for canines such as me; nevertheless, noblesse oblige!" Sir Buxley Smithers-Greene also deigned to pose in a holiday costume. A noble hound indeed!

  • We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah!

    We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Our home’s chanukiah (the proper term for a Chanukah menorah) on the first night of Chanukah. It’s displayed prominently in the front kitchen window, facing the street. The title of this photo is a reference to some Christian people’s response to secularism, in…