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  • Slideshow presentation on Demand-Control Schema (D-CS)

    I created this slideshow on Demand-Control Schema (D-CS) for an Introduction to Interpreting class at Phoenix College in Phoenix, Arizona, and am sharing it here for the benefit of a larger audience. This slideshow is an update on one I made for another class at Phoenix College in 2005, the day after I attended a […]

  • Looking forward to meeting people at my poster session at CIT

    I recorded this video as a response to a researcher and interpreter trainer I met at the last Conference of Interpreter Trainers, but I’m posting it here because it applies to anyone who attends the conference next week in Charlotte, NC. I welcome everyone to come by my poster, ask me anything, challenge my research, […]

  • Why are interpreters deaf community members? And other questions

    Recently, I read some statements made by a hearing person who had very limited exposure to deaf people and interpreters. This person was in a position to hire interpreters to accommodate requests from deaf people. While some of her comments shocked the sensibilities inculcated in me as an interpreter, I imagine that other hearing people […]

  • Anna Witter Merithew Receives Mary Stotler Award

    Anna Witter Merithew Receives Mary Stotler Award Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene CIT President Carolyn Ball presents Anna Witter Merithew with the Mary Stotler award for her contributions to the field of ASL interpreter education at the awards banquet during the Conference of Interpreter Trainers in San Diego on October 20, 2007. I know this […]

  • Thoughts on “pre-screening” ITP candidates

    The “attitude” of an interpreter toward ASL and Deaf Culture is highly valued by the deaf consumers we serve. Hence, an ASL ITP should teach the attitudes and cultural values that are desired by deaf consumers. Some say that one way to weed out “unsuitable types” from ITP’s and from the interpreting field is to […]