Andy’s Red, White, and Blue Parfait

How could I be with this guy for seven years and not have had “his” red white & blue parfait? Last time he said “I think I’ll make ‘my’ such-and-such” was about something else he made in this 13×9 Pyrex dish– “My breakfast casserole” —after we had been together for six years! You got any other tricks up your sleeve, honey? 😉

Ah, the splendor of chocolate!

I baked this confection using this flourless chocolate cake recipe. Is it delicious? Oh. My. God is it delicious! I had originally bought these eight mini Hershey’s Special Dark bars to eat as little desserts, but today I decided I wanted to bake a flourless chocolate cake for the first time. I found the recipe above which called for four ounces of bittersweet chocolate, so these “8-.49 oz bars” filled the bill perfectly! We also happened to have Hershey’s cocoa (natural unsweetened) in the house as well as sugar, unsweetened butter, and eggs (we’re a baking household). Oh, boy is it good! I’m so glad I decided to bake it.

One thing I would recommend, though, is to follow the recipe and use an “eight-inch” cake pan as opposed to this 9″ cake pan, because the smaller the pan, the taller the cake. And this one could stand to be a smidge taller. Other than that, «magnifique»!