Happy Chanukah – 7th Night

Happy Chanukah - 7th Night

Happy Chanukah – 7th Night
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I find it challenging to do anything "religiously" (i.e. "consistently," pun intended), and remembering to take a photo of the chanukiah each night of Chanukah this year was no exception. It’s enough just to remember to light the candles (or, in this case, turn the light bulbs) each night at sundown, much less remember to take a photo of it after dark. So, forgive me for only offering the first and second nights, and the seventh (and if I remember tonight) the eighth nights.

I decided to take this one with my better camera, and I went for a different angle this time because I liked the way the lights were reflected not once but twice in the dual-pane window.

On another note, (more…)