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  • Mi desarollo como intérprete trilingüe

    Yo sigo en aprender español para que yo lo añada a mis lenguas de interpretación. Afortunadamente, aún a este punto intermedio de mi desarollo, a veces yo puedo hacer un poco de interpretación trilingüe. Por ejemplo, quizás yo interpreto para una cita médica en esta manera…

  • 2016 Review and 2017 Preview

    I know the end of January is later than years-in-review usually come out, but since I have not blogged in a long, long time, I thought it best to share what I’ve been doing all this time and what I plan to do this year. One thing I have spent a lot of time on…

  • Cuaresma 

    I’ve been hearing about a holiday called «cuaresma» on the Latin radio stations I always listen to. I looked it up and learned it means Lent. It comes from the Latin word «cuadrogésimo», which means forty days, the length of Lent. I love learning!

  • Esposa = handcuff?

    The Word of the Day in my Span¡shDict! app is esposa, which they say means both wife and handcuff. Hmm.

  • El pezón y la tetilla

    In Spanish, el pezón—a masculine noun—is the woman’s nipple, and la tetilla—a feminine noun—is the man’s nipple. #gender #español