Tag: family

  • Ninth Anniversary

    Andy & I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary on August 8th. We noted the occasion by eating steak and lobster (surf and turf) at home and having red velvet cake. Next year, we’ll have to throw a party!

  • Happy birthday, Ben

    Happy birthday, Benjamin Greene. Long time no see.

  • Family Visit

      Daniel and Me had the pleasure of Chris (Daniel’s Brother) and Lisa his wife come by for dinner tonight. It was a great dinner and a great time.

  • Mom is really gone.

    This weekend is sadder than the whole week of shiva. Today I feel like my mom is dead and gone. Really, really dead and really, really gone.

  • Landslide of tears

    Just heard Stevie Nicks singing Landslide and broke down crying while driving to get my hair cut. Mom liked that song and wasn’t that much older than Stevie Nicks.