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  • Love my new rainbow heart Cuddlist t-shirt!

    Love my new rainbow heart Cuddlist t-shirt!

    This t-shirt means a lot to me. I wear the Cuddlist name proudly since I completed their professional cuddler training and they certified me as a professional cuddler. I wear the color purple proudly, a color that blends the richness of red with the coolness of blue and produces the perfect complement to the color […]

  • Colorful and interesting interpreter outfit

    Colorful and interesting interpreter outfit

    Gotta keep it interesting! As a signed-spoken language interpreter, I need to wear solid-colored tops that contrast with my skin tone so my deaf clients can read my signs without distraction. Rather than wearing black and gray all the time, as many interpreters do, I prefer to wear dark shades of blue, red, purple, brown, […]

  • Doing things I didn’t dare to do before

    Doing things I didn’t dare to do before

    I may be going thru a midlife crisis (no doubt I am!), but I'm not driving a red sportcar, using a RED iPhone case, growing my hair, and wearing cropped pants because I want to impress people; on the contrary, I'm doing things I never did because I feared what people would think. — Daniel […]

  • White pants before Memorial Day – but on the first 100°F day this year.

    Couldn’t wait until Memorial Day to wear my new white pants. It just hit 100°F in Phoenix for the first time this year so as far as we’re concerned summer is officially here.

  • Gay Purride

    Getting lots of friendly compliments on my “Gay Purride” t-shirt at Costco today. Happy gay pride weekend, Phoenix!