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  • Our Aloe’s First Blooms

    Our First Aloe Blooms Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene The aloe plant in our front yard has quardrupled in size this past year, and has just sprouted its first flower buds. I look forward to documenting its progress as it unfolds.

  • Happy Birthday, Andy!

    Happy Birthday, Andy! Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. These tulips were a gift to our neighbor Elva, and she shared some with my partner Andy. It seemed a fitting tribute to take a photo of these handsome flowers lit so warmly by our dining room table light with our purple accent wall behind them. These…

  • Gifts on Our Third Anniversary

    Gifts on Our Third Anniversary Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. When Andy & I got home from our anniversary dinner, we arranged the gifts we’d received and given each other on a little table so I could take a commemorative photo. Thanks to our neighbor Elva for the beautiful pink roses.

  • Happy Birthday, Andy!

    Bearded Iris 1 Originally uploaded by danielgreene. May this flower bring you a sense of the love and serenity you bring to me.