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  • I love you emoji 🤟 now in iOS 11.3! 😻

    I love you emoji 🤟 now in iOS 11.3! 😻

  • I break for descenders

    I break for descendersOriginally uploaded by Daniel Greene Notice anything interesting about the sentence in this screenshot? Yes, it contains every letter in the English latin alphabet. Incidentally, it is set in Lucida Grande regular typeface. But what’s interesting about it, to me, is how the underlining breaks around the descenders— those tails of the […]

  • Why are there nearly identical fonts?

    I learned from the movie Helvetica that the reason Arial is nearly identical to Helvetica is that Microsoft didn’t want to pay license fees to distribute the Helvetica font so they hired Monotype to modify Linotype’s Helvetica slightly. They just made sure to keep the same font metrics so that a document written in Helvetica […]

  • Fonts with Descriptions

    I recently reviewed all the fonts on my computer that had embedded descriptions, and I typeset the descriptions in their respective typefaces. The result is a demonstration of the typefaces and their history, features, and uses. To view these font descriptions in their proper typefaces you must have the fonts installed and enabled on your […]

  • Choosing the right font styles & variants

    Choosing the right font styles & variants

    for beautiful, readable documents I’ve spent the last few days in my spare time learning and re-learning about choosing the right fonts, styles, and variants for writing and reading. Since other Web authors have taught me so much and answered so many of the questions I pose to Google, I like to give back by […]