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  • Is This Extra Extra Lettuce?

    Is This Extra Extra Lettuce? Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. I’d like a vote: is this what you would call extra extra lettuce on a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) sandwich? I call it barely enough lettuce for a regular BLT. The first time I ordered one of these from the cafe in my office building, […]

  • Synchronicity?

    Synchronicity? Originally uploaded by danielgreene. This morning, Andy asked me if I was making coffee (which I was), and I responded sarcastically, “No, I thought we’d have hot chocolate instead.” After saying that, I decided to have hot mocha instead of just coffee. I’ve never made that decision before. It was just a “wild hair.” […]

  • Lunch at Chicago Hamburger Co.

    Lunch @ Chicago Hamburger Co. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Today on the way to work, I finally tried a restaurant I’ve driven by over a thousand times: Chicago Hamburger Co. It has always looked a bit seedy to me, like the lunchtime equivalent of a “greasy spoon.” But, you know what? It was great. It […]

  • Andy and Me at Zoë’s Kitchen in Phoenix

    Andy and Me at Zoë’s Kitchen in Phoenix Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Andy and I went to Zoë’s Kitchen for the first time last weekend after going to the car show at the Phoenix Convention Center — my first time at a car show and my first time in the new convention center — lots […]

  • Ate Lunch Together at Sun Asian Kitchen

    I love to join Andy for lunch during the work week once in a while. Today, we had a lunch date at Sun Asian Kitchen in South Mountain. The food was delicious, the ambience lovely, and the prices very reasonable ($4.95 for lunch specials).