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  • What interpreters can learn from HTML

    What could HyperText Markup Language (HTML) possibly have to teach interpreters? I learned HTML in the nineties, and I made the connection to interpreting the other day when I watched a colleague’s interpretation. The English sentence she interpreted was: Also you can take them to a consignment shop, which– they’ll buy your clothes, which gives […]

  • Workshops in Yuma cancelled due to low registration

    Unfortunately, not enough people registered for the workshops I was going to present in Yuma, Arizona in October, so the workshops had to be cancelled. I hope whatever led to the low registration this time is remedied in the future, and I look forward to presenting to those who registered as well as those who […]

  • LAST CALL for October workshops in Yuma

    If you’ve been planning to register for the workshops I’m presenting in Yuma, you need to register today so they don’t get canceled. Vague Language is Oct 1st and Genre Recognition is October 2nd. Both workshops will be held at the Southwest Regional Co-op, 1047 S 4th Ave Yuma AZ 85364. Saturday is 9a-4p and […]

  • Flier and Registration form for October workshops in Yuma

    Here are the fliers & registration form for the Vague Language & Genre Recognition workshops I’m presenting in Yuma the first weekend of October (Oct 1st & 2nd). Both workshops will be held at the Southwest Regional Co-op, 1047 S 4th Ave Yuma AZ 85364, from 8a–3p with a one–hour lunch break. I hope to […]

  • July Interpreting Workshops Schedule & Registration Form

    Here’s the complete schedule & registration form for the four workshops I’m presenting in July in Phoenix, Arizona. As you will see, several other presenters are offering multiple workshops as well, and it promises to be a great month for learning. I hope to see you there! If you didn’t notice it before ( 🙂 […]