Gift from Andy on our Fifth Anniversary

Andy got me these new shelves as a “wood” present for our fifth wedding anniversary (the gift of the fifth wedding anniversary is wood). We put them up last night even though our anniversary’s not until Saturday. I really like the way they look with the photos on them!

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Happy Birthday, Andy!
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These tulips were a gift to our neighbor Elva, and she shared some with my partner Andy. It seemed a fitting tribute to take a photo of these handsome flowers lit so warmly by our dining room table light with our purple accent wall behind them. These flowers enrich our home. Andy enriches my life and the lives of those around him. Here’s to you, Sweetheart, and many happy returns!

A Sweet Gift for a Sweet Neighbor

Our neighbor Elva stopped by just now on her way to the hospital to get a pacemaker, and she showed me this little angel that our mail carrier gave her. It came with a card that said, “A guardian angel to watch over you during your procedure today.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Elva wanted me to show it to Andy. Well, I’ll go a step further and show it to the world and ask everyone who sees this to say a prayer for our beautiful neighbor Elva today.