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  • Colonoscopy goes smoothly, without a hitch

    Colonoscopy goes smoothly, without a hitch

    My first colonoscopy — I am a baby senior — and no polyps. Can you believe NO POLYPS‽ I am amazed. I was all ready to name them: Paul, Philip, Polly… This milestone was easier than I had been told it would be, yet slightly disappointing. The pineapple flavored Nulytely was surprisingly palatable, and though…

  • Why I am hating health insurance right now

    I don’t hate Obamacare, but I have been hating healthcare insurance the last few years.

  • Been sick

    I’ve been suffering so much with allergies the past two weeks that I’ve had to call in sick to work several times. It’s hard to interpret when your nose is running, you’re sneezing, clearing your throat, coughing, hacking, feeling tired, feverish, etc. I’ve been taking Claritin (which I take every day) and generic Mucinex (guaifenesin),…