• Blog 2014: Adding social media links

    Blog 2014: Adding social media links

    Where I learned how to add social media buttons, and where I found them Today, I added custom social media links to my secondary menu, which appears on the left sidebar in the Twenty-Fourteen WordPress theme I’m using now. I did this because Twenty-Fourteen doesn’t have social links in the theme, and I wanted them […]

  • WordPress themes not showing author bylines explained

    The other day, I expressed my concern on the WordPress Support Forums that my author bylines were gone from my posts in this blog using the Twenty Twelve theme. Today I got a response from staff explaining that, because of feedback from the WordPress community, they started using CSS (the style markup that composes the […]

  • What interpreters can learn from HTML

    What could HyperText Markup Language (HTML) possibly have to teach interpreters? I learned HTML in the nineties, and I made the connection to interpreting the other day when I watched a colleague’s interpretation. The English sentence she interpreted was: Also you can take them to a consignment shop, which– they’ll buy your clothes, which gives […]

  • I want a Chromebook; in fact, I want a Chromephone. Easy on the OS, and hold the apps.

    The coming of the Chromebook–the web-only netbook that boots in less than ten seconds–has me thinking how nice it would be if my Android phone booted up in 10 seconds instead of 60. But if it did, it wouldn’t be an Android phone, would it? It would be a Chromephone, and that’s all right with […]

  • Hyperlinks Weave the Web

    Hyperlinks Weave the Web Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. There would be no World Wide Web without hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are what allow us to add photos to web pages, link from one page to another, etc. These days, much of this hyperlinking is done for us automatically on sites such as Flickr. But Flickr also […]