Grand Opening of Harkins Christown 14

I read on the Harkins Theatres web site that they would be holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of the Christown 14 theatres at 11:15 this morning. I got there just a couple of minutes late, but they had done the ceremony at around 10 because people had been lining up around the building and waiting since 6.

I had an interesting experience as I ran up to the theatre from my car with my camera: a young woman walked by and quickly asked, “Newspaper?” I said, “No,” and she said, “Just for your own enjoyment, then,” and walked to her car. She was wearing a backpack, and it made me wonder whether she were a journalist, and why she wanted to know. I just wanted to get a photo, and didn’t want to take the time to explain that I was a blogger of sorts, and although I wasn’t exactly “Newspaper,” I wasn’t just doing this for my own enjoyment, either. I saw this as an opportunity to take my new lens and battery grip out for a shoot and gain some “event photography” experience in the meantime.

Anyway, I get excited about urban renewal, cinema, theater, and architecture, so I enjoyed getting there and taking this photo even if I didn’t catch a ribbon-cutting and had to run off to work right after snapping a couple of shots.

I’m glad I looked professional enough to be mistaken for a newspaper photographer, though! 😉

Hearing World Still Sides with Fernandes

Thanks to my friend and colleague who tipped me off to this poll and its accompanying article: Gallaudet Dumps Incoming President – AOL News

After my friend voted today shortly after noon, he wrote:

What do you think of the school’s decision to fire its incoming president?
It seems unfair 46%
It seems fair 30%
Not sure 24%
Total Votes: 13,115

OK, so again, not a scientific poll and most of these people responding are, of course, hearing and have little to no knowledge of Deaf culture. Just thought I’d share the thoughts of a few (thousand) others.

I was one of the 30% who said is seems fair, though I wish they had a column that said, “Just but long overdue.”

I just voted now after 6 PM MST (“It seems fair,” of course) and sadly, the results were still exactly the same: (more…)

Open Letter to NPR Re: "Blogs Capture, Amplify Gallaudet Protest"

I have been an ASL interpreter since 1990 and have trusted NPR as my primary news source for more than a decade. Sadly, you shook my faith in your reporting last night when you made ostensibly “factual” statements about Jane K. Fernandes that sounded like they came right out of her administration’s Public Relations Office.

Dr. Fernandes couldn’t have described herself better than you did when you said, “She’s deaf, but some protesters don’t like that she grew up speaking and reading lips, before she learned sign language.”

Contrary to what Dr. Fernandes would like the world to believe, her late ASL acquisition is not what the protesters don’t like about her. Shame on you for being a mouthpiece for Fernandes! You should have done your homework and read that blog you reported about: Or, for primary source material, you could have read the many statements and open letters at Read those, along with the blog entries syndicated at, and then you will be qualified to report on what Gallaudet University faculty, staff, students, and alumni don’t like about Fernandes.

The statement, “Others resent the tough decisions she’s made as a long-time administrator,” sounds just like Fernandes, too. (more…)