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  • Grand Opening of Harkins Christown 14

    Grand Opening of Harkins Christown 14 Originally uploaded by danielgreene. I read on the Harkins Theatres web site that they would be holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the grand opening of the Christown 14 theatres at 11:15 this morning. I got there just a couple of minutes late, but they had done the ceremony […]

  • Hearing World Still Sides with Fernandes

    Thanks to my friend and colleague who tipped me off to this poll and its accompanying article: Gallaudet Dumps Incoming President – AOL News After my friend voted today shortly after noon, he wrote: What do you think of the school’s decision to fire its incoming president? It seems unfair 46% It seems fair 30% […]

  • Open Letter to NPR Re: "Blogs Capture, Amplify Gallaudet Protest"

    I have been an ASL interpreter since 1990 and have trusted NPR as my primary news source for more than a decade. Sadly, you shook my faith in your reporting last night when you made ostensibly “factual” statements about Jane K. Fernandes that sounded like they came right out of her administration’s Public Relations Office. […]