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  • Lady Our Sweet Dog

    To follow up on Daniel’s post about Lady. It is we great sadness that we had to ended her life due to a serious battle with liver cancer. We will miss her.

  • Lady under the Weather

    Lady under the Weather (1) Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Our dog Lady has been weak lately. We’re working with the vet to try to figure out what’s wrong with her and help her.

  • Our dogs make the funniest noises when they play-fight

    Our dogs Lady & Buxley were play-fighting today and making the funniest noises while we lay in bed resting! A few years ago, Buxley played like this with Andy because J.J. wasn’t as playful with him. Lady has been great for Buxley and vice-versa.

  • Lady’s First Christmas at the Smithers-Greene

    Lady’s 1st Christmas @ Smithers Greene Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Lady says, "Hats are not the fashion for canines such as me; nevertheless, noblesse oblige!" Sir Buxley Smithers-Greene also deigned to pose in a holiday costume. A noble hound indeed!

  • Cuddle Time with Doggies

    I’m usually in on this myself, but it was great to be able to grab our point & shoot and get this little video of Buxley & Lady playing with each other and one of their daddies.