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  • Gifts on Our Third Anniversary

    Gifts on Our Third Anniversary Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. When Andy & I got home from our anniversary dinner, we arranged the gifts we’d received and given each other on a little table so I could take a commemorative photo. Thanks to our neighbor Elva for the beautiful pink roses.

  • Strange but true: J.J. loves to lick master’s wet legs after a shower.

    Strange but true: J.J. loves to lick master’s wet legs after a shower. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Yes, we don’t know how it happened or why it happened — there’s water in his water bowl! — but our J.J. has gotten into the habit of licking our wet legs after we shower. Heck, he even…

  • Happy Birthday, Andy!

    Bearded Iris 1 Originally uploaded by danielgreene. May this flower bring you a sense of the love and serenity you bring to me.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. My husband Andy decided to put on a pink shirt, red tie, and wear my red zip-up fleece vest today. I made us a strawberry-banana smoothie. I figured a photo of Andy toasting the holiday with a pink smoothie in front of all of his pink and red…

  • I Regard Him with Love

    I Regard Him with Love Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Looking at photographs I’ve taken of people helps me to remember how much I love them. When I look at this photo I took of my dad, I regard him with love. This is a candid shot of my dad looking down at his plate during…