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  • Workshops in Minnesota, November 2012

    Hi, Minnesota! I’m Daniel Greene, and I’m going to be in Minneapolis – St. Paul the weekend of Friday, November 9th and Saturday, November 10th presenting two workshops. The first one, on Friday night from 6pm to 9pm, is about fingerspelling and pronouncing foreign names and words. It’s fascinating all the different spellings and sounds […]

  • First workshop on Google+ Hangout a success

    Learning from colleagues via Daniel Greene’s workshop… all from the comfort of my home while my daughter naps. Amazing technology! –online participant Introduction Yesterday, I included online participants in one of my workshops for the first time. I had used the technology in my teaching practicum last quarter in grad school, but this was the […]

  • A sample video of English-ASL platform interpreting

    I’m posting this for anyone who is curious to watch an English-ASL interpreter at work on stage with a speaker. Dr. Johanna Blackley and the Honors Forum coordinator at Mesa Community College were kind enough to let me share this video my interpreting partner took of me with my phone. I asked my team to […]

  • Beginning a teaching practicum

    I'm doing my teaching practicum in an ASL linguistics class @ Western Oregon University; this morning I Spyped into class for the 1st time! — Daniel Greene (@danielgreene) April 5, 2012 On Thursday, I Skyped from my home office to a classroom at Western Oregon University to begin a teaching practicum. As a graduate student […]

  • Singing “Bein’ Green”

    Singing “Bein’ Green”

    Bein’ Green was written by Joe Raposo in 1970 for Kermit the Frog (sung by Jim Hensen) in the first season of Sesame Street.