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  • Rose Garden Mountain hike February 2019

    Rose Garden Mountain hike February 2019

    Found this hike near where I live through All Trails. It was a bit hard at times to find the trail, but once I found it I really enjoyed the hike! A bonus was the view I got of the snow on all the mountains in the distance.

  • Buffalo Ridge hike February 2019

    Buffalo Ridge hike February 2019

    Andy & I tried a hike in the neighborhood for the first time. Not bad. No trail markers, and in some places no clear trail, but it was fun for a short hike not far from home.

  • Shaw Butte hike, January 2019

    Shaw Butte hike, January 2019

    Took a hike with a friend on a mountain not far from where we live. It’s so great to be able to do these things outdoors in Phoenix now that it’s not so hot! It’s also great to have a buddy to do them with.