Photos I took of a professional cuddling colleague and myself

I took these photos of Staci Starlight (@cuddleyogistaci on Cuddle Comfort) for our mutual promotion at the beautiful AC Hotel by Marriott in the Biltmore area of Phoenix. I took the photos using a tripod and delayed shutter, and in addition to some natural daylight coming through the window, I lit the scene with umbrella lights.

If you are interested in booking a session with me, you may request me from my Cuddlist profile. If you’d like to book both of us together, contact me on Cuddle Comfort! We would be happy to demonstrate boundary and consent communication and cuddle positions, and we would be happy to surround you with cuddles as well (just imagine yourself where the pillows between us are).

Love my new rainbow heart Cuddlist t-shirt!

This t-shirt means a lot to me. I wear the Cuddlist name proudly since I completed their professional cuddler training and they certified me as a professional cuddler. I wear the color purple proudly, a color that blends the richness of red with the coolness of blue and produces the perfect complement to the color of gold, signifying “the royal treatment” that cuddling is. The heart of the graphic symbolizes the platonic love shared between two humans holding each other in body and soul, the love that a cuddler can show you — not give you, but show you — because you already have that love in your heart, and a cuddler can nurture that love and encourage it to grow. The rainbow colors of the heart symbolize the honesty it takes to discover who you are and how you love, and the pride it takes to declare it, celebrate it, and even fight for it. And the gray towel behind me, well… I needed some kind of plain background for this bathroom selfie, now didn’t I?