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  • Lady’s First Christmas at the Smithers-Greene

    Lady’s 1st Christmas @ Smithers Greene Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Lady says, "Hats are not the fashion for canines such as me; nevertheless, noblesse oblige!" Sir Buxley Smithers-Greene also deigned to pose in a holiday costume. A noble hound indeed!

  • Amore in Firenze

    Amore in Firenze Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene Florence was our last stop in Italy. Tomorrow in Villefranche / Nice. Next update in Barcelona!

  • Introducing Lady

    Introducing Lady Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. We have a new family member: Lady. We’ve already known her for more than a year now. She’s our neighbor lady’s dog, and our neighbor decided she just can’t keep up with her anymore. Buxley already fell in love with her when they first met. Adopting her feels […]

  • I Regard Him with Love

    I Regard Him with Love Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Looking at photographs I’ve taken of people helps me to remember how much I love them. When I look at this photo I took of my dad, I regard him with love. This is a candid shot of my dad looking down at his plate during […]

  • Look for the love in their eyes.

    Look for the love in their eyes. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. When I took this photo of my husband Andy at a party we went to, he obligingly posed for me. I was trying to get in some practice with indoor flash photography. Then I got home and saw the image on the computer, and […]