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  • SEE: Allow me to disabuse you of a common misnomer

    From the way I’ve seen people use the term SEE in recent years, I don’t think they know what they’re talking about. I want to dispel the notion that SEE is any and every form of English-like American Sign Language (ASL). English-like ASL goes by many names — contact language, contact variety signing (CVS), conceptually […]

  • Two texts that inspire & inform my teaching & professional practice

    My response to a homework assignment to reflect on texts (of any kind – books, articles, poems, videos, TV, movies, photos, paintings) that inspire and inform our teaching and professional practice. The two I picked were Dead Poets Society for teaching and Grey’s Anatomy for professional practice.

  • Should interpreters interpret signed English to spoken English word-for-word?

    How “faithfully” or “literally” should interpreters convey signed English (or Contact Language) into spoken English when sign-to-voice interpreting? Does it make sense to use the “meaning model” or “sense theory” to receive the signed English message, drop all the mouthed, signed, and fingerspelled English words, phrases, and figures of speech, conceptualize it, and speak the “meaning” of it in English?

  • Re: Exactly what is ASL?? (my Happy 4th of July video)

    Thanks to YouTuber xkorijaidenx for emailing me about her video response to YouTuber soph1951’s vlog “What Exactly Is ASL?” Soph’s vlog was inspiring and liberating for me, and moved me to create this video response. I will leave it up to people who know American Sign Language to understand this video without captions or preface. […]

  • Re Oralism vs Speaking

    This is my response to Ella Mae Lentz’s vlog about the difference between the philosophy of oralism and the mere act of speaking, either by deaf or hearing people. In this video, signed in ASL—PSE (along the continuum), I tell of my experience as an interpreter with oral deaf, English-oriented deaf, and strongly ASL deaf […]