Technology is a wonderful thing

A Wonderful Thing
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This little thing slips over my husband’s ear and makes our relationship different from any relationship in the history of the world– up until a decade ago. Okay, not just our relationship, but everyone’s. Just think of it– when else in history could a couple spend their whole commute home from work talking together in separate cars? We can now tell each other about our day, plan our evening, list things to do… sometimes we even discuss how we feel about each other and say anything that was left unsaid the last time we saw each other. By the time we get home after one of these discussions, we’ve moved past all that and are ready to settle into a comfortable evening together. Mobile phone technology and Bluetooth headsets have changed our lives, and I’d say for the better!

I took this photo in response to a monthly theme / challenge in the Gay Photographers (Family-Friendly) group titled "Belonging to Your Beloved." The object is to share a photo of something belonging to your beloved with a brief description of the item’s significance.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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My husband Andy decided to put on a pink shirt, red tie, and wear my red zip-up fleece vest today. I made us a strawberry-banana smoothie. I figured a photo of Andy toasting the holiday with a pink smoothie in front of all of his pink and red would be cute. Unfortunately, he was in a hurry to go to work, so when I asked him to smile, his expression was frighteningly fake-looking. So I just cropped the photo down to the pink and red, and I’m sure Andy does join me in wishing one and all a very happy and healthy Valentine’s Day– even though he had to hurry off to work.