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  • 2019 Preview

    2019 Preview

    Here are some of my resolutions and plans for 2019: This evening I started teaching my beginning course of American Sign Language, ASL I or SLG101 as they call it at Paradise Valley Community College. After teaching at the Maricopa Community Colleges during the day for the past five-and-a-half years, I am finally teaching an […]

  • Middle-aged man seeks bromance

    Middle-aged man seeks bromance

    I don’t mean for the title to sound like a personal ad, but it’s the truth. Plus I can’t resist a catchy title. At 50 I’m certainly middle-aged, and faddish as the word may be, I went with bromance because it’s the kind of friendship I’m looking for. I certainly don’t expect this blog post to catch […]

  • This year’s resolution: Don’t waste time

    This year I resolve not to waste time: not to waste time doing things I don’t have to do, not to waste time wondering what people think about me, not to waste time feeling guilty about my errors, not to waste time making excuses not to do what I want to do. This from a […]

  • Gratitude for work

    I’m thankful for the people I work with and for, and the pleasure of the work itself, for they make me forget the stresses of my busy week. It’s lovely how it all just goes away when I’m in the moment.

  • 8th Anniversary of meeting each other

    This is a beautiful visual representation of the Debussy’s piano song Claire de Lune. I thought it apropos because Andy and I bumped into each other at the Claire de Lune coffee house in San Diego on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and then got to know each other at a pool party on […]