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  • Thought for the day: the seder should be a symposium

    You know how the haggadah says “Drink the first [second, third, and fourth] cup of wine”? Do you gulp it down or take a sip? Every seder I’ve been to, people take a sip and move on. Wait a minute. Let’s read between the lines. Let’s read “and talk” when it says “drink the Nth […]

  • Happy Yuletide!

    Yuletide Plates. Originally uploaded by danielgreene. I am a Jew who loves Christmas. To me, Chrismastime is a season, not a celebration of Christ. I do not believe that Jesus was the messiah. Personally, I do not believe that there will ever be one Messiah; instead, I believe that each baby born brings with him […]

  • Families Can Be Together Forever

    Families Can Be Together Forever Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. This is dedicated to a colleague’s son who died suddenly last week at the age of 4. I attended his funeral at a Mormon church yesterday. The first order of service was singing a hymn called “Families Can Be Together Forever” whose lyrics resonated with […]

  • Happy Chanukah – 7th Night

    Happy Chanukah – 7th Night Originally uploaded by danielgreene. I find it challenging to do anything "religiously" (i.e. "consistently," pun intended), and remembering to take a photo of the chanukiah each night of Chanukah this year was no exception. It’s enough just to remember to light the candles (or, in this case, turn the light […]

  • We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah!

    We’re not afraid to say it: Happy Chanukah! Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Our home’s chanukiah (the proper term for a Chanukah menorah) on the first night of Chanukah. It’s displayed prominently in the front kitchen window, facing the street. The title of this photo is a reference to some Christian people’s response to secularism, in […]