Tag: self-expression

  • A social media presence that reflects the present

    My new focus is on being who I am on social media today, not securing my brand for tomorrow. Rather than creating a social media presence for the Daniel Greene I might someday be, I’m being socially present as the Daniel Greene I am now.

  • Who cares what I have to say?

    Today it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Yesterday it was rap groups, support groups, open mic. I don’t remember feeling like nobody cared what I had to say when I was speaking to people in person. Now that I’m writing for the Internet — for the past 17 years or so, and sharing on social media for the…

  • “Be yourself — no, not that self!”

    I wonder why people say, “Be yourself” but when you are yourself, they’re like, “Oh, no, not THAT self!” Know what I mean?