Tag: songwriting

  • Magic Man is a tightly crafted song!

    I was listening to a classic rock station just now, and they played Heart’s “Magic Man.” I remember hearing this song many times when it came out– my mom and her boyfriend played the vinyl LP every day for weeks. I never noticed before today, though, how tightly crafted it was. The verse and chorus…

  • Singing “It’s Christmas Eve,” a song I wrote

    I wrote this song as a sort of rollicking sea shanty. It’s just one of those things that spontaneously came forth! Our kitty, Callie, makes an entrance at the end.

  • Singing answering machine greetings

    When I was twenty years old, I made up a couple of outgoing greetings for my answering machine based on an old TV show theme song and a showtune from Bye Bye Birdie. The TV show theme song was from I Love Lucy and the song from Bye Bye Birdie was “Talk to Me” which…

  • A Minute in the Moonlight

    A Minute in the Moonlight Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Carolina Jasmine flower in the moonlight. 60-second bulb exposure. Here’s a song I wrote after this photo. It’s a softshoe like the song “Tea for Two.” A word, A song, A dance, A kiss. Oh, sweet- heart, what I’d give For this! A chance, My dear,…

  • Love Song for Husband on YouTube

    In commemoration of our two-year wedding anniversary, I published a video of myself singing a song I wrote for Andy last Valentine’s Day. (I put this on YouTube on our anniversary, August 8, but I’m just getting around to blogging about it here now.)