My review of the Targus Presentation Remote I use for workshops

photo of productI just realized I never actually posted this review here on my blog! This video has been reviewed about 35,500 times in the three years since I posted it, I have used it to teach many of my workshops, and I still feel the same way about this remote as I did when I first reviewed it. It’s a great little tool of my trade, and I highly recommend it.


Workshops in Minnesota: Promo videos in English & ASL

I made these two videos to promote my workshops in Minneapolis/St. Paul November 9th & 10th. Friday night is Speak & Spell, a workshop on pronouncing and spelling foreign names and words. Saturday is Just What They Said: Interpreting Intentionally Vague Language. These workshops will be in English with ASL interpretation. Interpreters of all signed and spoken languages are invited! To register, go to Professional Development – Workshops | ASLIS.

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Interview from 2004: 30 Years of Pride

The Groovy Like A Movie studio came to the Wedding Expo at the Center in San Diego to interview people for a project called 30 Years of Pride on May 17, 2004, and I was one of the people they interviewed that night. The studio gave me permission to share this on YouTube, and since I can now post longer videos to YouTube, I’m posting the original video with only a couple of minutes trimmed off here and there.

It is timely that I am publishing this video on the day of Phoenix Pride’s 15th anniversary. Thirty years of pride for fifteen years of pride. This is the beginning of the pride parade season, so it is timely. I hope that it inspires, educates, informs, and entertains.