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  • My review of the Targus Presentation Remote I use for workshops

    I just realized I never actually posted this review here on my blog! This video has been reviewed about 35,500 times in the three years since I posted it, I have used it to teach many of my workshops, and I still feel the same way about this remote as I did when I first reviewed it.…

  • Workshops in Minnesota: Promo videos in English & ASL

    I made these two videos to promote my workshops in Minneapolis/St. Paul November 9th & 10th. Friday night is Speak & Spell, a workshop on pronouncing and spelling foreign names and words. Saturday is Just What They Said: Interpreting Intentionally Vague Language. These workshops will be in English with ASL interpretation. Interpreters of all signed…

  • Interview from 2004: 30 Years of Pride

    The Groovy Like A Movie studio came to the Wedding Expo at the Center in San Diego to interview people for a project called 30 Years of Pride on May 17, 2004, and I was one of the people they interviewed that night. The studio gave me permission to share this on YouTube, and since…

  • On singing the way I talk

    I’m working on overcoming my classical training to sing the way I talk. Here I’m talking about and showing the difference between my “standardized” voice and my “individualized” voice, using the song Chasing Cars to give examples. What do you think?

  • How to Send vCard via Bluetooth on Sidekick 3: A YouTube Video

    Speaking and signing at the same time, in Pidgin Signed English, I show you how to set your contact information in your address book as your vCard. Then I show you how to turn on Bluetooth and send your vCard to other SK3’s.