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  • Wii and Wii Fit Review: First Impressions

    It’s been over a week since I bought a Wii and just under a week since I bought a Wii Fit. I’d like to share just a few brief first impressions (not a lengthy review but a bulleted list of likes and dislikes). Wii: Likes & Dislikes Likes Active, physical involvement in the games Something […]

  • Sexting highlights society’s issues with privacy and shame

    Listening to NPR‘s All Things Considered just now, I heard a story on sexting — teens sending photos of each other naked via text messages — that got me to thinking “what exactly is the big deal?” I don’t ask that question to minimize the phenomenon, but to analyze it for the social taboos that […]

  • Technology is a wonderful thing

    A Wonderful Thing Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene This little thing slips over my husband’s ear and makes our relationship different from any relationship in the history of the world– up until a decade ago. Okay, not just our relationship, but everyone’s. Just think of it– when else in history could a couple spend their […]